How to Solve “Agent XPs disabled” error

This article explains however we will fix SQL Server error “Agent XPs Disabled”. Before we have a tendency to dive into troubleshooting and strategies for fixing the error, let Maine justify regarding Microsoft SQL Server Agent and therefore the Agent XPs configuration parameter. SQL Server Agent and SQL Server Agent XPs: The SQL… Continue Reading


How to Fix the Most Common DNS Issues In Windows 10

An issue with the DNS server will interrupt your net service. you’re in all probability here thanks to DNS problems. It may be the message “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET” whereas exploitation the web or “The DNS server isn’t responding” shown by Windows Network medical specialty whereas troubleshooting. Both the error messages associated with Windows ten DNS problems and therefore the answer is close by. The DNS error messages don’t seem to be restricted to… Continue Reading


Imperious Backup for Windows Server

Contents of this text: Installation Configuration Restore New options in version seven.0 Conclusion Installation: There’s a single transfer for this Windows backup program, though there ar many various versions of it. You’ll alter a 21-day trial of the complete product. After that, if you do not pay money for one in every of the business versions, it will revert back to the fundamental free version. There are Desktop… Continue Reading