How to Retrieve Data from Database in ASP.Net Web API

Introduction: This article explains a way to retrieve information from the info within the ASP. Internet API for retrieving the info we tend to use the rumpus.NET Entity information Model. The Entity information Model is Associate in Nursing entity relationship information model. The Entity information Model works with the SQL and different question Languages designed for invoking the declarative queries and updates in terms of entities… Continue Reading


What is the distinction between Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes in SQL Server?

Indexes area unit wont to speed-up question method in SQL Server, leading to high performance. They’re just like textbook indexes. In textbooks, if you wish to travel to a selected chapter, you visit the index; notice the number of the chapter and go on to that page. While not indexes, the method of finding your required chapter would are terribly slow. The same applies to indexes in databases. While not indexes, software should undergo all the records within the table so… Continue Reading


Everything about locking in SQL Server

Locking is crucial to palmy SQL Server transactions process and it’s designed to permit SQL Server to figure seamlessly in an exceedingly multi-user setting. Lockup is that the approach that SQL Server manages dealing concurrency. Basically, locks square measure in-memory structures that have house owners, types, and therefore the hash of the resource that it ought to defend. A lock as associate in-memory structure is ninety six bytes in size. To understand higher the lockup in SQL Server, it’s vital to know that lockup is… Continue Reading