Configure Office 365 to connect Outlook to your mobile device using Microsoft Intune – Android

This will guide you about connecting your android phones directly to office 365 and downloading setup outlook and configuring apps.

  1. A wipe should be released by IT team which will clean any existing management applications like air watch.
  2. Surety of removal of all management apps is important before next step. If not, follow us.
  3. You have to manually delete airwatch agent app.
  4. Download intune company portal from google play store.

5- Open up the app after installation

6- Sign in with your email address and carry forward by clicking next

7- Click Continue

8- Click Continue

9-Click next

10- Allow the permission pop up and carry forward by clicking next

11- Click activate

12- Click done


13- Open Microsoft outlook

14- Select View in google play

15- Click install

16- Click open

17- Get started

18- If there is any other address than yours ( in picture) uncheck it and proceed to add yours MyCompany email address.

19- Login by giving your password and then click sign in.

20- Then create a pin according to the prompt

8 alphanumeric characters minimum

1 capital letter minimum

1 special character minimum.

How to configure downloaded applications?

Business Skype:

  1. Click skype for business to open
  2. Allow all permissions to app.
  3. Enter you’re my company email address on sign in screen.
  4. Press blue right arrow button after filling up your phone number.

Microsoft edge:

  1. Click Microsoft edge to open it
  2. Enter your my company email address inside blue rectangle on sign in screen.
  3. Do not share you browsing history with Microsoft so click NOT NOW for that.
  4. Allow all permissions to app by clicking allow.


  1. Pass code popup will appear after at least 8 hours of your initial log in to outlook. Create pass code fulfilling these rules:
  2. 8 alphanumeric characters minimum
  3. 1 capital letter minimum
  4. 1 special character minimum.

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