How can I check the performance of disk CPU Controllers LUNs and Volumes on a NetApp FAS or AFF system?


Privileges for the session should be elevated.

set -privilege diagnostic

Use ctrl-C to stop. The following command will show periodic data

statistics show-periodic -node node1

to show various aspects of SAN the command is:

statistics lun show
statistics volume show
statistics disk show
statistics system show
statistics top client show
statistics cache flash-pool show
statistics node show

to start collecting statistics use the following command it will stop when will be done automatically.

statistics start -object system -sample-id smpl_1
statistics stop -sample-id smpl_1
statistics show -sample-id smpl_1

the following commands will collect static preset. Remember –b starts the process whereas –e ends it. To choose a controller you to give or select a specific node run.

node run -node san_node_1 
priv set diag
statit -b
statit -e

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