How do I renew the SSL certificate used by a NetApp FAS or AFF Series?


To get privileged mode and get current security certificate info. Run commands:

set -privilege advanced

security certificate show

From the above command, it will be clear to you which certificate is expiring. After identifying run this command:

security certificate show -instance -vserver san -cert-name san_13DHDHSH233DJKDKD
security certificate show -instance -vserver san -common-name san

Remove the old certificate

security certificate delete -common-name san -ca san -type server -vserver san -serial 13DHDHSH233DJKDKD

Check the status of SSL

ssl show

Make a new certificate

security certificate create -vserver san -common-name san -size 2048 -type server -country UK -expire-days 3650 -hash-function SHA256

Check the certificate you made

security certificate show -instance -vserver san -common-name san 

SSL will be showed disabled

ssl show

Activate SSL

ssl modify -vserver san -server-enabled true

Check SSL status again

It will be shown disabled still.

ssl show

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