How to Backup and Restore Access Database

Data is crucial for any organization, and it should be protected. Information protection is feasible by keeping a backup copy of the information with the assistance of effective backup software package. But, if there’s a disaster, then backup software package alone doesn’t facilitate restore the information. It ought to be attended with an entire backup set up. So, what will {the information |the info |the information} backup set up states? The careful information protection set up states that data should be saved as per the ‘3-2-1’ rule.

As per the 3-2-1 rule, information directors should maintain 3 copies of necessary information, store these copies on 2 completely different storage varieties, and store a minimum of one copy of the information offsite. Once the backup set up and therefore the backup software package is in situ, it’s simple to revive the information, be it in any type as well as Access information.

Let’s produce a in small stages conceive to backup and restore Access Database:

  • Create an everyday backup set up
  • Perform Access information backup
  • Perform backup for the split – backend and frontend information
  • Restore information with the backup

Step 1: produce an everyday backup set up

In Microsoft Access information, some changes or mistakes area unit irreversible. As an example, victimization Associate in Nursing action question to vary Associate in Nursing entry or delete a record. Such entries can’t be reversed by victimization the undo perform. You would like to revive Access information from the backup otherwise you might suffer the information loss.

A backup set up should consist of:

Schedule for information backup (Time for normal backup and name of backup software)
Access Repair software package (An different resolution to repair Access information within the absence of the most recent and healthy backup)
Note: Multiple users use a similar information at a given purpose in time. certify that the users have logged out of Access information before beginning the regular backup.

Step 2: Perform Access information Backup

Note: Access information closes all objects open within the style read and saves them at the desired location with the desired name.

To perform a backup, open the Access information that make a copy is to be performed and execute the subsequent steps:

Go to File and choose Save As
Under the File varieties, choose the choice Save information As
Under Advanced, click Backup information followed by Save As
The Save As window opens. Check the name of the information within the name box
Note: The default name could be a name of the information suffixed with the date of information backup. It is modified as per convenience.

From the Save as sort list, choose the format to save lots of the information followed by clicking the Save button.

Step 3: Perform backup for split information

As the name suggests, a Split information consists of 2 databases:

Backend information – information in Tables solely
Frontend information – contains links to the Tables within the backend

Access information in conjunction with queries, forms, reports and alternative information objects
In short, the information is within the backend, and therefore the interface is within the frontend information. Hence, make a copy for the frontend information is done sporadically, whenever there’s style or interface amendment.
Because the backend information contains information, directors ought to schedule regular backups of the backend information. And there’s no have to be compelled to perform the prolonged split information.

a. Perform backup of backend information

The first step is to give notice the users to close of the Access information. This is often as a result of users might not be ready to access the information throughout the backup method.

The Administrator ought to perform the subsequent steps:

Start Microsoft Access and attend Open alternative Files followed by laptop so Browse
Select the backend information file to backup
Click the arrow next to open and from the computer menu, open Exclusive
Perform Step one to five as mentioned in “Perform Access information Backup.”

b. Perform backup of frontend information:

The front-end information backup is performed once there’s an amendment within the style or interface.

Once the planning is modified, leave the information open
Follow the steps mentioned within the backend information beginning step one to step four.
Save the information with the default name, having date and name, to look with ease whenever there’s a requirement for information restoration.

For the simplest results, alter the backup method by employing a product that may facilitate automatic backups of the file systems. These might embody digital computer backup software package or external device backup software package, etc.

Step 4: Restore information with backup

You need to revive the information just in case the information file is broken, has accessibility/connectivity issues, or it’s missing altogether.

Note: you’ll be able to restore information from a ‘good backup copy’ of the information file purported to have information integrity and style.

Perform the subsequent steps to revive Access information from backup:

Open file adventurer. Browse and choose the glorious sensible copy of Access information
Copy the file to the situation of the broken or missing information
Replace the prevailing file, after you area unit prompted
You can conjointly restore information objects in a very information, however care should be taken in choosing the objects to be fixed up. If there’s a alternative, then it’s suggested to revive the entire information.


If there’s a problem with Access information, then Admin should have healthy and restorable copy of the information backup to revive the information. Whereas most organizations make a copy their information as well as their Access information, these don’t seem to be audited often, that results in unhealthy and non-restorable copies. This could any result in prolonged inconvenience of necessary Access information. It’s higher to act quickly in such things and repair the corrupt Access information with the assistance of an efficient Access repair software package.

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