How to Convert HyperV to VMware

How to convert Hyper-V hosts to VMware ESXi:

Task: we would like to convert one in every of our host server running on Hyper-V (installed on Windows 2008 R2 CORE edition), you’ll use Vmware Vcenter device utility to perform this action.

First transfer VMware Vcenter converter five’s from following location.
You must have VMware account to transfer the utility, you’ll register it free.

After installation done. Execute it. You’ll see following screen.
As shown within the image below .

In supply sort, choose HYPER-V
In Server, sort your Hyper-V IP
In User Name/Password , sort your Administrator ID and parole
and click NEXT to continue .
As shown within the image below .

If you receive the subsequent error
Unable to contact the required host ‘x.x.x.x’ . The host may not be obtainable on the network, there may be a network configuration drawback, or the management services on this host don’t seem to be responding
then disable the firewall on HYPERV Windows 2008 by mistreatment following command (at hyper v server command prompt)

 netsh firewall set opmode disable

Now it’ll raise you for the agent preparation,
click affirmative to continue.
As shown within the image below .

In next screen of supply SERVER, it’ll provide you with the list of machines hosted on supply Hyper-V server.
Select your required machine,
and click NEXT to continue.
As shown within the image below .

In Next Screen of DESTINATION SYSTEM, choose the destination VMWARE ESXi Server
As shown within the image below.

In the next screen of DESTINATION VIRTUAL MACHINE , Click NEXT to continue (Or you’ll modification the machine name label here)
As shown within the image below .

In the next screen of DESTINATION LOCATION , choose the datastore location (the drive wherever you wish transfer the vm)
As shown within the image below .

In the next screen, it’ll show you all the choices before finally begin changing, review all the choices and modify if any needed. Then Click NEXT , so end to start out changing the machine
As shown within the image below .

Finally it’ll begin conversion of the hyper v machine into Vmware Esxi.

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