How to Create a New User in Windows Server 2012


In today’s article you’ll find out how to make a replacement user in Windows Server 2012.

Step 1

First of all logon to your Windows Server 2012. once login, open your begin Menu and click on  “Administrative Tools”.

Step 2

Now a listing of things can seem before of you from that you want to choose “Active Directory Users and Computers”.

Step 3

Now you’ll see that your domain exists, during this Tool and plenty of choices are on the market to a lower place it like Account, Bulletin, Computers, Users etc.

Step 4

Right-click on your domain and head to “New”. In New head to the “Users” to feature a “New User”.

Step 5

Now a type are on the market before of you that you just should fill in to produce all necessary details of a replacement user. Afterward click on the “Next” button.

Step 6:

On clicking succeeding button a replacement type are opened during which you would like to produce the watchword for the new user. Your server can raise you to go in the watchword in order that if by mistake you give the incorrect watchword then you’ll correct it.

There ar four alternative choices additionally from that you’ll choose whether or not wish |you would like |you wish} to produce permission to the user modification| to vary |to alter} the watchword on its next logon otherwise you want to limit him in order that he cannot change the watchword. You’ll additionally check the “Password ne’er expires” possibility otherwise you also can disable the account of the user.

Step 7:

Now all the provided values are shown to you and you’ll be asked to click on the “Finish” button to end the work otherwise you will return to form any changes PRN.

Now your new user has been created.

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