How to delete a busy NetApp storage snapshot left behind from an unsuccessful Veeam Storage snapshot backup


How do I delete a busy NetApp storage snapshot that was created during a failed Veeam Storage snapshot backup?


1. Configure the privilege mode.

set -privilege advanced

2. Demonstrate the volume you wish to eliminate

lun show -vservercrp_svm -volume VeeamAUX_crp_vol01_Backup

3. Indicate the volume from which the flexclone was extracted.

lun show -vservercrp_svm -volume crp_vol01

4. Deactivate the volume to be deleted:

 vol offline -vservercrp_svm -volume VeeamAUX_crp_vol01_Backup

5. Remove the volume from the computer

vol delete -vservercrp_svm -volume VeeamAUX_crp_vol01_Backup

6. Navigate to the graphical user interface and remove the snapshot.

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