How to expand an Array on an HPE Proliant Server and Extend the Logical Disk and Extend in Windows.

How to do I expand an Array on an HPE Proliant Server, extend the logical Disk and extend in Windows?


Array expansion and logical drive extension is supported only if the HP Smart Array Controller is installed with both cache and battery. HPE Smart Array controllers supports Battery-Backed Write Cache (BBWC) or Flash-Backed Write Cache (FBWC) (FBWC). As a first step, one needs to confirm whether server is installed with both cache and battery. This can be done in the Smart Storage Administrator.

Open SSA > select logical devices >Array “x” > handle data drives

Select the drive you wish to add > add drive > OK

Wait for the expansion process to conclude

Choose logical drives > logical drives “x” > expand logical drive

Then in Windows open the disc management interface and right click on the partition to extend (Blue) (Blue). The extra space should be visible next to it (colored black)

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