How to Join Windows 10 Computer to Active Directory Domain?

The following are the basic requirements for adding a Windows device to an Active Directory domain:

  1. Professional, S, Education, and Enterprise are the Windows editions that can be joined to the domain. An Active Directory domain cannot be linked to Windows 10 Home.
  2. Local administrator access, as well as domain user credentials with the permissions to add new devices to the domain, are required to join the device to the AD domain.
  3. Setting up the network and DNS – your computer must be connected to the business network. It must be given an IP address and DNS server addresses that enable it to communicate with at least one domain controller.
  4. Because Kerberos is used for Active Directory authentication, the time on the domain controller and on the client should not be more than 5 minutes apart.

Joining AD Domain from Classic System Properties on Windows 10

  1. Select Run with a right-click on the Start menu.
  2. Click OK after typing the command sysdm.cpl.

3. The current workgroup’s name should be specified in the System Properties box. Select the Change option;

4. Change the switch to Domain and type in the domain name;

5. You must provide the credentials of the domain user who has authorization to join computers to the domain in the window that appears (by default, any domain user can add up to 10 devices to the domain);

6. If everything went well, the message “Welcome to the domain” will appear.

If everything went well, the message “Welcome to the domain” will appear.

  1. Restart your machines.
  2. You can log in using a domain account once the computer has booted up.

Examine Active Directory to see if your machine account object exists. Go to the Computers container in Active Directory Users and Computers (dsa.msc) and verify that a new Computer type object with the name of your computer has emerged.

How to Join Windows 10 to Domain with Modern Settings App?

Let’s look at how to join a device with a modern Windows 10 build to the AD domain (in this example, Windows 10 20H2).

  1. Go to the Settings > Accounts > Access work or school;
  2. Click the Connect button

3. In the bottom “Alternate Actions” column, select “Join this device to a local Active Directory domain”;

4. Click Next after entering the domain name;

5. Then you must enter the domain account’s name and password, as well as the rights to join the devices to the domain.

6. Click “Restart now” to restart your device.

How can I use PowerShell to add Windows 10 to a domain?

You can use PowerShell to add a computer to a domain by using the Add-Computer cmdlet. Follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. As Administrator, open the PowerShell console;
  2. Run the following command: Add-Computer -DomainName –verbose (where is your Active Directory domain name);
  3. To join the device to the domain, enter the domain user credentials you want to use;
  4. Wait until you see the notice “WARNING: The changes will take effect when you restart the computer computername,” then restart the computer using the command:

Use the following PowerShell script to place the PC in a specified Organizational Unit rather than the default container Computers:

$ldap_path = 'OU=Workstations,OU=London,DC=solutionviews,DC=com'

Add-Computer -DomainName -OUPath $ldap_path -Restart

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