How to power on VMware Workstation guest mechanism

Someone asked Pine Tree State how to power on VMware digital computer guest machine via command line interface. You’ll be able to use vmrun tool to power on the machine by exploitation target vm guest .vmx file. i made a decision to jot down the easy methodology for my reference too, as a result of I conjointly use it heavily in my virtual workplace.

To achieve it, you’ll be able to produce a road on your desktop in order that you’ll be able to quickly begin your needed digital computer base virtual machine by clicking one icon on your desktop. OR if you would like to power it mechanically once windows starts, you’ll be able to produce a straightforward road or batch file and add it windows STARTUP.


You have install VMware digital computer in H:\vmware_workstation and your guest vm is in H:\temp_images_ubuntu-proxy , then merely use the subsequent road.

D:\vmware_workstation\vmrun start  D:\vmware_images\ubuntu-proxy\ubuntu.vmx

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