How to solve Access Database Error 2239

It is common for Access information users to encounter Access information Error 2239. However, the error message will take issue relying upon the version of your Access information.

Understanding version-specific Occurrences of Access information Error 2239
Occurrence one (Access 2003) – In Microsoft Access 2003, you’ll encounter 2239 error code, with a message that says:

The information ‘filename.mdb’ must be repaired or isn’t an information file.

What Causes ‘the information ‘filename.mdb’ must be repaired or isn’t an information file’ error?

This explicit error happens once the Access Jet information Engine cannot acknowledge the fundamental structure associate degreed definition of an Access information (.mdb) file, however finds some corruption within the table information or its definition.

Essentially, corruption within the MDB file might end in the ‘the information ‘filename.mdb’ must be repaired or isn’t a information file’ error.

There is also completely different reasons which will flip the MDB file corrupt, a number of them square measure listed as below:

Cause 1: Interruption throughout information writes

If the Access information is suddenly clean up whereas you’re writing to that, the Jet information engine might mark that information as corrupt. Primarily, Microsoft Jet sets a flag whereas starting a write operation and it resets the flag once the operation is complete. The flag remains set just in case the write operation is interrupted.

When you attempt to open the information once more, the Jet information engine determines whether or not the flag is about and reports that the information is corrupt.

Cause 2: Network property problems

The problem within the network or the server obtaining fast for many seconds will corrupt the records within the Access table, thereby leading to .mdb file corruption.

Cause 3: victimization Access Jet information in multi-user atmosphere

Any modification created to the information is often briefly kept in a very dealings log, which may be committed (i.e. updated), to the information at a later stage. While not the dealings log, having multiple users reading and writing to equivalent information may result in corruption.

Considering that the Access Jet information engine doesn’t use a dealings log, and permits users to scan and write to equivalent information in a very multi-user atmosphere, there’s potential risk of .mdb file corruption.

Cause 4: Access Lock info (.ldb) file

Microsoft mechanically creates a lock file (.ldb) file once associate degree Access information is opened by a user in shared mode. Although, the .ldb file additionally gets mechanically deleted once the last user exits the shared information, however there square measure many exceptions which will forestall the file from obtaining deleted.

The lock file keeps a track of the users World Health Organization have logged on, and every now and then, the file might produce problems if not deleted. primarily, the .ldb file might forestall renaming, gap or compacting the .mdb file, forward somebody is logged on to the information.

How to fix Error 2239:

the information ‘filename.mdb’ must be repaired or isn’t a information file’ error?

Here’s a gradual method, following which can assist you fix the ‘database must be repaired’ error:

Step 1: produce a Backup

Besides your regular backup strategy, check that to make a backup of the corrupt or broken (.mdb) file. This can be as a result of throughout the repair method, Access might truncate some information from broken tables. you’ll be able to restore the truncated information from the backup.

Step 2: Delete the .ldb file

Create a replica of the Access information (.mdb) file.
Delete the initial information file, so delete the .ldb file.
Rename the copy of the .mdb file to the name of the initial one.

Step 3: Use ‘Compact and Repair’ methodology

Try victimization the Access inherent ‘Compact and Repair’ methodology to mend 2239 error, and here’s how:

NOTE: check that to shut the information before running the ‘Compact and Repair’ utility.

Open MS Access application on your system
Click the ‘File’ tab, so click ‘Info’
From the ‘Info’ panel, click the ‘Compact & Repair Database’ button

Step 4: strive mercantilism the objects from corrupt information to a replacement one

If the higher than steps don’t reach fixing the error, strive mercantilism the objects from the corrupt Access information (.mdb) file to a replacement one. To do so, follow these steps:

In the information window, click the ‘Access’ choice beneath the External information tab.
In the ‘Get External information – Access Database’ panel, sort the name of the supply information or browse the information
Next, choose the ‘Import tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules into the present database’ choice

Click ‘OK’
In the ‘Import Objects’ panel that seems, choose the specified objects you would like to import.
NOTE: to pick out all the objects from the ‘Import Objects’ screen, click choose all.

Click ‘OK’ to initiate the import method.

Step 5: Recover information from the corrupt table

If there’s injury within the information file table, strive mercantilism the table to different Access information, by following these steps.

In your MS Access information application, export the table to associate degree American Standard Code for Information Interchange (delimited text) file.
Delete any relationships related to the Access information table
Delete the corrupt table from the information, so compact the information.
Next, re-create the table and associated relationships.
Open the American Standard Code for Information Interchange enter a application, and take away dangerous or strange information from the file.
Save the enter American Standard Code for Information Interchange computer file format.
Re-import the American Standard Code for Information Interchange computer file into the fresh created table.
Re-enter any records from the table you were forced to delete.

Step 6: Use knowledgeable Access Repair computer code

If the previous steps fail to mend ‘Access information Error 2239’ and recover the information, the information is perhaps severely corrupt. If this can be the case, employing a specialized Access Repair computer code like Stellar Repair for Access might are available in handy.

The computer code is specifically engineered to deal with Access information problems and errors arising thanks to severe corruption or the other reason. Most significantly, Stellar Repair for Access computer code makes the task of repairing corrupt information hassle-free, owing to its wealthy and intuitive GUI – which will be simply operated by any user. Further, the computer code helps:

Repair all of the information objects, together with tables, queries, reports, forms and indexes.
Recover macros, modules and relative databases.
Restore deleted records to a replacement information
Provide free preview of recoverable objects before saving and a lot of.
To use the computer code follow these steps:

Download, install and launch the trial* version of Stellar Repair for Access on your system
Run the Stellar Repair for Access computer code. This can open the most computer program of the computer code.

In the ‘Select Database’ panel, click ‘Browse’ or ‘Search’ to pick out or find the Access information file

Click ‘Repair’ to start the repair method.
Once the repair method is complete, a listing of recoverable objects is displayed on the left pane.

Save the repaired information, by clicking on the ‘Save information File’ button.
Choose the specified location to save lots of the repaired Access information file

Click ‘OK’.
You can read the repaired information file at the desired location.

*The trial version of the computer code scans the Access information and shows preview of all the recoverable objects. Once you’re ready to ascertain the software’s effectiveness, you’ll be able to save the recoverable objects by activating the computer code.

Occurrence a pair of (Access 2007 and 2010) – In Microsoft Access 2007 and 2010 versions, you’ll receive Access information Error 2239 with a message that reads:

has detected that this information is in associate degree inconsistent state, and can’t arrange to recover the information as a result of the file is read-only. to permit Access to recover the information, shut the information and set the sphere to read/write, so open the information.

Probable Causes leading to Error 2239, and its Solutions

There may well be many reasons behind this error, let’s have a glance at the foremost plausible causes:

Cause 1: The Read-only attribute of the .mdb file is also set

When you square measure employing a compact disc-recordable (CD-R) or a compact disc-rewritable (CD-RW) for moving the .mdb file, the read-only solely attribute of the file is also set.

Solution: Clear the Read-only attribute by following these steps:

Click ‘This PC’, and find the Access information file that you just captive.
Right-click on the information file, so click ‘Properties’.
In the ‘Properties’ panel, uncheck the Read-only attribute.
Click ‘OK’.

Cause 2: Lack of necessary permissions to use the information file.

The administrator or individual World Health Organization has created the Access information, may not have created acceptable permissions for you needed to access the information file.

Solution: Contact the information administrator to induce comfortable permissions required to use the Access information file.

Cause 3: information within the shared folder is fast.

Sometimes, the information might get fast to read-only mode, if some user while not necessary permissions makes an attempt to perform write perform within the information enter the shared folder.

Solution: check that that each one the users World Health Organization open the Access information file have the required – scan, write and make – permissions for the folder during which the information file is found.


This post highlighted version-specific occurrences of Access information Error 2239, and plausible causes behind the error. It additionally made public manual solutions like ‘Compact & Repair’ and many others which will be accustomed fix the error. But, confine mind, implementing these solutions needs vital time and efforts. Besides, implementing some manual strategies while not technical competency involves the chance of information loss. In this case, Access Repair computer code like Stellar Repair for Access will function a quicker and a lot of convenient resolution to your downside.

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