How to Solve Invalid MAC address specified. MAC is not an allowed static Ethernet address

VMware ESXi does allow only MAC Addresses the Range between 00:50:56:00:00:00 to 00:50:56:3f:ff:ff. We can configure a static MAC instead of a range but can’t run the virtual machine after this. we will face an error message is mentioned below:

Invalid MAC address specified. 00:0C:29:AF:6F:A9 is not an allowed static Ethernet address. It conflicts with VMware reserved MACs.

There is a trick to configure static MAC Address instead of above mentioned MAC range. We have to Insert a custom parameter in vmx file which places in the VM machine folder in datastore.

If you assigned single Network adapter for the VM Machine then you need to insert below-mentioned parameter with a value


How…? [Its very simple 🙂 ]

We just need to access vmx file from VM Machine Folder via SSH.

Now to access SSH via putty we must have to enable it and run the service of SSH from security policy mentioned in the snapshot below.

Now connect SSH with putty and perform the below activity:

Go on your datastore and VM machine folder and open the VMX file using vi commands and insert ethernet0.checkMACAddress=false and save the file.

[root@VMHOST: ~] cd vmfs/

[root@VMHOST: / vmfs ] cd volumes/

[root@VMHOST: / vmfs/ volumes ] ls

[root@VMHOST: / vmfs/ volumes ] cd datastore1 (your data store name)

[root@VMHOST: / vmfs/ volumes/datastore1 ]

[root@VMHOST: / vmfs/ volumes/datastore1 ] vi Test.vmx

Just insert ethernet0.checkMACAddress=false and :wq ENTER

Now run this VM Machine and Enjoy 🙂

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