How to Upgrade Azure AD Connect Software

Although the upgrade method keeps your current settings I perpetually notice it helpful to look at the present configuration to raised unstained what’s getting used simply just in case the installer prompts you to confirm that choices to you.

To view the present config load the Azure AD Connect tool on the server.

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect\AzureADConnect.exe”

Click on tack Configure.

Now click on ‘View current configuration’ and click on Next.

From here you’ll read the present configuration and that i ordinarily need to examine if the choice ‘FILTER OBJECTS TO SYNCRONIZE BY GROUP’ is getting used in conjunction with that write back choices area unit elite.

Nothing breaks your setup quicker than sanctionative Associate in nursing choice that is presently disabled. The upgrade shouldn’t raise you to verify these however the upgrade software package could modification therefore I perpetually cowl myself and ensure the

Run the downloaded installer on the server.

The software package can make sure Associate in Nursing upgrade therefore click ‘Upgrade’.

Upgrade progresses and frequently solely takes a 1-3 minutes.

Enter your world workplace 365 administrator credentials and click on Next.

Click ‘Upgrade’ to finish the upgrade method.

Installer can continue with the upgrade method usually taking 1-3 minutes.

Once complete click ‘Exit’.

Now that the software package has been upgraded its a decent plan to examine that you simply have a successful synchronisation once the upgrade. On the server launch the ‘Synchronization Service’ software package as shown here:

The Synchronisation Service Manager ought to show a successful synchronisation and as a final check I perpetually log into the cloud portal and verify everything appearance correct


Upgrading Azure AD Connect is been created plenty easier within the current version and conjointly resolves some high processor usage problems on some servers.

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