How to Use a Pen Tablet (Wacom) With Microsoft Office

You will need these;

  • Wacom tablet
  • Wacom pen
  • Wacom tablet Driver and Application

Using a Pen Wacom tablet in Microsoft Office is very useful if you want to make notes, Assignments, or projects.

How to use it? Let Starts; To use a Pen tablet Wacom in Microsoft Office especially Word, you just need to click the “Start Menu” tools, which is located on the “Review” bar. However; if you have the Tablet PC components disabled, this option will not appear. Windows Tablet PC components enabled by default in Windows, but some changes to Windows settings it can disable this feature.

Click on the “Start Menu,” then click on the “Control Panel.” and then select “Programs and Features.”

Click on the “Turn Windows features,” which is located on the left side of the MS window. Click on the “Continue” User Account Control dialogue box will appear.

Select the box next to “Tablet PC Optional Components,” if it is not already selected (Checked). then Click “OK.” Windows will enable Tablet PC support. Now you have to restart your PC.

Download its Driver or Insert your Wacom tablet install CD into an available in the drive. Follow the on-screen Guide to install the application and tablet’s driver to your PC.

Plug-in your USB cable of Wacom tablet’s into the PC USB port. Finally, Restart your PC.

Click on “Start Menu,” again and select “All Programs,” “Microsoft Office,” then choose the Office program you want to use.

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