Windows ten freezes arbitrarily
Windows ten freezes arbitrarily on startup/login or maybe when a Windows update? Not grasp what to do? Here area unit the most effective eleven fixes to Windows ten pc keeps cooling arbitrarily from MiniTool answer. Go and have a strive.

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  • Symptoms
  • Workaround #1: liberate additional space
  • Workaround #2: Run System File Checker
  • Workaround #3: Update All Device Drivers
  • Workaround #4: Run a Memory Check
  • Workaround #5: regulate memory
  • Workaround #6: put off Link State Power Management
  • Workaround #7: put off quick Startup
  • Workaround #8: Reset the Winsock Catalog
  • Workaround # 9: Diagnose Winchester drive for problems
  • Workaround #10: Perform System Restore
  • Workaround #11: Replace Winchester drive
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Users UN agency work with Windows ten typically could have toughened one amongst the subsequent issues: Windows ten freezes when login, Windows ten freezes when update, Windows ten freezes on startup, Windows ten arbitrarily hangs…

If you’re finding out the simplest way to repair pc freezes arbitrarily, this post may assist you get out of hassle.

Kind Remind: We advise creating the common fixes 1st. for example, you can:

  1. Disconnect all external devices. Solely leave the indispensable ones just like the mouse and keyboard there.
  2. Check for faulty hardware. Broken hardware is one amongst the factors which will trigger pc cooling issue. However if the problem solely happens in Windows ten, we will make sure that there’s nothing wrong together with your hardware.
  3. Remove freshly put in apps. Did you put in some programs recently and so your Windows ten froze? To verify, uninstall these programs and see however your Windows ten goes.

If all of the higher than suggestions don’t facilitate, here area unit high eleven solutions for Windows ten freezes arbitrarily you’ll be able to have a try:

Workaround #1: liberate additional space:
One of the attainable reasons is that Windows ten is running on low space. If this is often the case, you’ve got multiple choices:

Option A: Clean-up Temporary Files:
Step 1. At the Windows ten begin menu, click “Run”, kind “temp” and click on “OK” button.

Step 2. Choose all files within the worker folder and delete them.

Option B: Run Windows ten Disk Clean-up:
Step 1. At Windows ten Cortana Search box, kind “disk cleanup” and opt for “Disk Clean-up” from the most effective match.

Step 2. Within the pop-up tiny window, make sure the system partition and click on “OK” to continue. This tool wants many minutes to calculate what quantity area you may be able to free on the system partition.

Step 3. Once you see succeeding interface, check the file varieties you’d find it irresistible to wash up and click on “OK”. you may be asked to verify the operation, please enable the deletion.

Option C: Extend System Partition:
You may additionally strive increasing system partition. With additional free area else in, Windows ten cooling issue is also removed. you’ll be able to get the most effective partition manager – MiniTool Partition Wizard professional to try to this job. It works nice in system partition extension regardless of there’s unallocated area on identical drive or not. As long as a partition on identical drive has some free area, MiniTool Partition Wizard professional is useful.

After putting in MiniTool Partition Wizard, run it to urge the most interface and so follow the straightforward guide below:

Step 1. Follow the directions below to form a bootable rescue media and boot laptop by mistreatment this media.

  • How to Build Boot CD/DVD Discs and Boot Flash Drive with Bootable Media Builder?
  • How to Boot from Marked MiniTool Bootable CD/DVD Discs or USB Flash Drive?

Step 2. Once you area unit in MiniTool Partition Wizard professional (bootable edition), you’ll realize that the drive letters have modified. Please determine the system partition by mistreatment the “Explore” feature.

Step 3. Currently do the followings:

  1. Select the system partition.
  2. Choose “Extend Partition” from the leftward action sheet.
  3. In the pop-up window, opt for a partition to require some free area from. Also, you’ll be able to drag the slider to see what quantity free area you wish.
  4. Click “OK” button to exit the pop-up window.
  5. Click “Apply” on the toolbar.

Step 4. Currently clean up your laptop and revive it to examine if Windows ten keeps cooling.

Workaround #2: Run System File Checker:
If some system files get corrupted or missing, Windows ten will freeze arbitrarily. The great factor is that Microsoft makes it simple for you to urge the initial system files back with the intrinsically filing system Checker.

Here is a way to use it:

Step 1. At Windows ten begin menu, run electronic communication as administrator. Then enable it to create changes to the current laptop.

Step 2. Within the electronic communication window, kind “sfc /scannow” while not quotes and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Step 3. Windows can scan your system for corrupted files and commit to fix. You may see the ultimate result once the method reaches 100%. Therefore please twiddle my thumbs.

If no downside is found or this fix doesn’t facilitate, continue with succeeding Windows ten cooling fix.

Workaround #3: Update All Device Drivers:
Updating drivers to the newest is often one alternative once OS goes abnormally. Here you’ll be able to do the subsequent easy things:

Step 1. Click Windows ten begin menu, click “Run”, kind “devmgmt.msc” and hit “OK”.

Step 2. Expand the classes to seek out the name of your devices. Then right-click thereon and choose “Update Driver Software…”

Step 3. Within the pop-up window, opt for “Search mechanically for updated driver software”. Please check that you’ve got a lively net affiliation.

Step 4. Repeat to end change the remainder drivers.

Tip: If your portable computer keeps cooling, strives reinstalling the motive force. Open Device Manager, right-click the name of your device and choose “Uninstall”. Restart your laptop and Windows ten can commit to set up the motive force.
Workaround #4: Run a Memory Check:
Step 1. Run “mdsched.exe” and hit “OK”.

Step 2. Click “Restart currently and check for issues (recommended)” to examine for issues forthwith. If you wish to examine later, click “Check for issues succeeding time I begin my computer”.

Step 3. Windows can then restart, and you will see this page showing the progress of the check and therefore the range of passes it’ll run on memory. If you do not see any errors here, your memory card in all probability is not the downside, and you ought to strive succeeding Windows ten cooling fix.

Workaround #5: regulate memory:
Virtual memory could be a combination of your RAM and some of your Winchester drive. It’s primarily wont to extend your computer’s physical memory. once your pc runs out of RAM, Windows uses memory for temporary file storage. just in case that it’s the meagre RAM brings Windows ten freezes arbitrarily issue, you’ll be able to regulate the memory.

Step 1. Right-click “This PC” and opt for “Properties”. Then choose “Advanced system settings” from the left panel.

Step 2. Head to “Advanced” tab and click on “Settings”.

Step 3. head to “Advanced” tab once more and opt for “Change…” below memory section.

Step 4. make sure the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” isn’t checked. Then choose the partition that has Windows put in (usually, it’s C:) associate degreed enter an Initial size and most size for your virtual memory:

  • Initial size: This worth varies on totally different computers. If you are not certain what worth to use, simply enter the counseled size.
  • Maximum size: do not set this worth too high. it’s counseled to enter one.5 times the dimensions of your physical RAM.

Once you have designed your memory values, click “Set” and so “OK” to continue.

If laptop keeps cooling, strive succeeding answer.

Workaround #6: put off Link State Power Management:
Link State Power Management could be a power saving mechanism. it’s same that disabling Link State Power Management is effective in Windows ten cooling fix particularly wherever NVIDIA/AMD Graphic Cards were being employed.

Here is however you’ll be able to do it:

Step 1. Press Win + R keys to open the Run box.

Step 2. Kind “powercfg.cpl” and so hit “OK”.

Step 3. Realize your power arrange and so click “Change arrange settings”.

Step 4. Opt for “Change advanced power settings”.

Step 5. find the “PCI Express” class and so expand it, amendment the setting of “Link State Power Management” to “Off”.

Step 6. Click “OK” and so “Apply”.

Workaround #7: put off quick Startup:
Step 1. Press Win + R keys to decision out the Run box. Then input “powercfg.cpl” and click on “OK”.

Step 2. Click on “Choose what the ability button does” within the left pane of the window.

Step 3. Click on “Change settings that area unit presently unavailable”.

Step 4. Uncheck the checkbox beside “Turn on quick Startup (recommended)” to disable it. Finally, click on “Save changes”.

Still, your pc freezes randomly? Continue with succeeding answer that is rated helpful by several users.

Workaround #8: Reset the Winsock Catalog:

Step 1. Run electronic communication as Administrator and permit its changes on this laptop.

Step 2. Kind “netsh winsock reset” and press Enter.

Step 3. Revive your Windows ten laptop and check.

Workaround # 9: Diagnose Winchester drive for problems:
If you have come back this way, it is time for you to examine whether or not your disk is guilty so Windows ten arbitrarily hangs. Windows contains a intrinsically tool for the task. Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Shut all open programs and files.

Step 2. In file someone, find “This PC” and choose a drive you’d wish to check. Right-click thereon and opt for “Properties”.

Step 3. Navigate to the “Tools” tab and click on “Check”.

Step 4. You’re seemingly to envision a prompt message that reads “You do not ought to scan this drive”. however you’ll be able to opt for “Scan drive” anyway. If your disk drive is problem-free, you will see “Windows with success scanned the drive. No errors were found.” this means your disk isn’t the matter, and you’ll be able to progress to succeeding fix below.

If there area unit some errors detected, you may see this “We have found errors on this drive. to stop information loss, repair this drive.” Then Windows can scan and repair the drive. once finished, revive your laptop and check to envision if Windows ten keeps cooling issue is resolved.

Workaround #10: Perform System Restore:
Finally, you’ll be able to have a assume Windows ten system restore, which needs that you simply have created a recent backup before Windows ten freezes arbitrarily. This answer is quite helpful if Windows ten freezes when update. to find out a way to restore Windows ten, scan a pair of ways that to revive pc to Earlier Date in Windows ten.

Tip: If you haven’t fashioned the habit of backup, we have a tendency to advise you frequently copy Windows ten by mistreatment the Windows intrinsical Backup and Restore feature. Or it’s higher to possess skilled system backup package like MiniTool ShadowMaker Free. With versatile backup feature and bootable rescue media, you’ll be able to quickly revert Windows ten to the previous stable state once laptop keeps cooling though it cannot boot ordinarily.

Workaround #11: Replace Winchester drive:
If none of the solutions higher than facilitate and pc keeps cooling, the last making an attempt is to exchange the system drive. As you recognize, SSD offers quicker performance than HDD. Therefore it’s an honest alternative upgrading system disk to SSD if you happen to possess associate degree SSD at hand. MiniTool Partition Wizard professional is in a position to clone HDD to SSD during this case.

Now follow the straightforward guide below:

Step 1. Connect SSD to pc and so run this partition manager.

Step 2. Choose the system disk and opt for “Copy Disk Wizard” from the action panel. Then follow the wizard to complete the full operation.


  1. The target SSD is clean up for successful disk clone. Copy something vital on the SSD beforehand.
  2. MiniTool Partition Wizard professional is in a position to clone MBR disk to GPT disk. Check “Use GUID Partition Table” possibility only if your motherboard supports UEFI boot mode.
  3. If your SSD contains a tiny capability, contemplate migrating Windows ten solely mistreatment Migrate OS to SSD/HD feature.
  4. If your laptop runs swimmingly with different OS put in, we have a tendency to area unit afraid that you simply ought to uninstall Windows ten and opt for another OS instead.


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