Are you attempting to open a Cloud formation model in Cloud Designer from an S3 bucket and receiving the subsequent error:
Cannot open this file as a result of a slip.: model address should be associate degree Amazon S3 address.

Well you’re not alone. This even happens to ME if I’ve been through the method of making the model via the designer, created a stack from it, wherever by the model is hold on mechanically on behalf of me within the bucket, and so i am going into the designer and take a look at to open it mistreatment the S3 address.

The story is this:

  1. Create your model files in a very bucket that’s within the same Region as wherever you’re forming
  2. Ensure the model file name has no areas in it (underscores square measure acceptable) (this is what caught me)
  3. Ensure the S3 address is a smaller amount than 1024 chars

The long story is: mentions:

Specify associate degree Amazon S3 model address Specify a URL to a model in associate degree Amazon S3 bucket. If you’ve got a model in a very versioning-enabled bucket, you’ll be able to specify a particular version of the model, like For additional data, see Managing Objects in a very Versioning-Enabled Bucket within the Amazon easy Storage Service Console User Guide. The address should purpose to a model (max size: 460,800 bytes) in associate degree Amazon S3 bucket that you just have scan permissions to, settled within the same region because the stack. The address itself are often, at most, 1024 characters long.
So purpose one. make certain your Bucket is within the same Region you’re attempting to make in.

I get my address by planning to the S3 bucket and obtaining the properties of the file. Then I copy the LINK half. I find yourself with one thing like this:

Looks sensible to ME. FYI this file was automobile created by the designer once I saved it to the S3 bucket. thus not a manual transfer.

Further the knowledge here states:

Accessing a Bucket:

You can access your bucket mistreatment the Amazon S3 console. Mistreatment the console UI, you’ll be able to perform most bucket operations while not having to write down any code.

If you access a bucket programmatically, note that Amazon S3 supports relaxing design within which your buckets and objects square measure resources, every with a resource URI that unambiguously establish the resource.

Amazon S3 supports each virtual-hosted–style and path-style URLs to access a bucket.

In a virtual-hosted–style address, the bucket name is a component of the name within the address. for instance:
In a virtual-hosted–style address, you’ll be able to use either of those endpoints. If you create asking to the termination, the DNS has adequate data to route your request on to the region wherever your bucket resides.

In a path-style address, the bucket name isn’t a part of the domain (unless you employ a region-specific endpoint). for instance:
US East (N. Virginia) region termination,
Region-specific termination,
In a path-style address, the termination you employ should match the region within which the bucket resides. For example, if your bucket is within the South America (Sao Paulo) region, you want to use the termination. If your bucket is within the United States of America East (N. Virginia) region, you want to use the termination.

My address FAILS!

When I read the permissions on the file for a few reason it doesn’t have my IAM User account thereon however somebody else. I note all buckets really have constant owner and every one files inherit this.

This is explained here:

The AWS account that makes a resource owns that resource. For example, if you produce associate degree IAM user in your AWS account and grant the user permission to form a bucket, the user will produce a bucket. However the user doesn’t own the bucket; the AWS account to that the user belongs owns the bucket.

So this is often traditional behavior.

I’ve tried adding the recipient of everybody with View/Download permissions that stuck however this didn’t facilitate.

If I right click the file and choose build Public I’m still powerless to open it within the designer. affirmative it had been created public properly. i’m currently able to click the link within the S3 interface associate degreed am prompted to transfer the file as opposition obtaining an XML Access Denied message. thus I will transfer this file domestically and use the native File choice if i would like but I don’t.

Ok thus obtaining desperate I further Static net Hosting to the S3 bucket. This gave ME a address of: for my model file.

Now once I use this within the browser i purchase the subsequent error:

 403 tabu
 Code: AccessDenied
 Message: Access Denied
 RequestId: 213E1C4F0506E2A3
 HostId: jd+eguzjIfnQqrfLvT+HjXLE+LYzskdVkfeoXan/u0s8UsNOUqWaW4+em7qD2qHgxFOY4f5kHZg=An Error Occurred whereas trying to Retrieve a Custom Error Document
 Code: AccessDenied

 Message: Access Denied

And I still can’t open it mistreatment the Designer. Joy.
In desperation I went into the designer, created a blank style, further in a very single entity I didn’t care what and saved it to S3.
I found it in my regions mechanically created S3 bucket for cloudformation simply fine.
I traced the link and re-opened it in Designer and it WORKED.
I tried to open another one that existed already and it unsuccessful.

Clicking on the new one I simply created from S3 resulted in associate degree access denied error however:

<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>F8C491805CB6F710</RequestId><HostId>85RD++JWfQ8S596287CDqMWBmArvuS55GkjQU/VBZlEYYE/GH+CaZoDyRyFLHhFpR0gh47PoROE=</HostId></Error>

At this time dismay is setting in.

This shouldn’t be this tough.

So even if I purchase the AccessDenied I will still open my new created one within the Designer. Fascinating nonetheless not useful. The permissions square measure precisely the same. The inline policy on each square measure empty.

So I deleted my S3 bucket and commenced once more.

Creating solely files from the designer has resulted in mixed success.

I have some that open and a few that don’t once saving via the designer.

It seems the name encompasses a half to play and changes the ensuing link. The soap size the S3 address is often is 1024 chars.

These 2 square measure well below 1024 chars. The distinction is I used an area within the name of the primary one. Initial one is one hundred and one chars, second is 102 chars.

If I rename the primary file to possess no areas it works once gap the new ensuing link within the designer.


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