I recently wrote regarding troubleshooting Windows ten freeze problems and during this post I’ll be talking regarding troubleshooting another fairly common issue, that is disk usage showing 100% all the time. I’ve detected that this condition is very true on laptops.

Normally, the disk usage can go up to or near to 100% for many seconds or perhaps for a few of minutes, then again ought to calm down to one thing a lot of affordable (usually underneath 10%). If you systematically see a awfully high disk usage, it means that there’s one thing else occurring that isn’t quite right.

To start, you’ll be able to check your disk usage by gap up the Task Manager in Windows ten.  You’ll be able to either right-click on the beginning button and choose Task Manager otherwise you can press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. If you only see a little list of apps, click on a lot of details at the lowest.


On the most Processes tab, you’ll see a fast summary of the processor, Memory, Disk and Network utilization. For me, unless I’m doing one thing on the pc, the disk usage is generally right around zero. in a very unhealthy case, you’ll see one thing like below wherever disk usage is 100% or terribly near to it.


In some cases, you may see only one method that’s inflicting the high disk usage, however in different instances, the method that’s inflicting the spike might amendment.


Now let’s quote however we are able to confirm what’s inflicting the problem then return up with an answer. In some cases, the answer is straightforward and in others, it’s a small amount trickier. Before we have a tendency to get into those, here’s what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t attempt These Solutions:
On the web, I came upon a full bunch of solutions that simply didn’t settle well with Maine as a result of they will cause a lot of issues anon. attempt to avoid doing something listed below:

Disabling the BITS service – It’s needed by Windows for your laptop to be updated and it won’t facilitate disabling it.

Disabling Windows Search or SuperFetch – once more these square measure core Windows services and you ought to not disable them.

Modifying Page File – you ought to leave it in order that Windows manages the page file. Don’t attempt custom values.

Disabling Windows Defender – aside from technique half-dozen, don’t disable Defender.
Method one – Upgrade computer code for SSDs:
If you’ve got Associate in Nursing SSD put in on your machine and square measure having the disk usage downside, it’s presumably a retardant with the computer code. SSDs square measure quick and unless you’ve got some program that’s accessing the disk all the time, it extremely ought to ne’er be at 100% for quite many seconds.

Here square measure a few of links to the SSD computer code updates for a few of the most important brands: Crucial, Samsung, Kingston, Intel, OWC.

Method 2 – Perform a Clean Boot:
If you’ve got ne’er performed a clean boot, now could be the time to be told. A clean boot essentially masses Windows with the fewest drivers and startup programs. A clean boot can assist you confirm whether or not the problem is being caused by Windows itself or by a third-party program put in on Windows.


Microsoft encompasses a nice article on a way to perform a clean boot. i like to recommend attempting it as a result of is sometimes fixes heaps of different problems too. It’s a small amount long, however all well worth the effort. Simply put aside many hours on a weekend to induce it done.

If you discover that everything masses fine on a clean boot, then slowly modify every startup program one by one till you identify that program is inflicting the retardation. You’ll be able to then uninstall it or disable it. For starters, invariably begin by disabling any third-party anti-virus/anti-malware program as those programs will have an inclination to access the disk all the time.

In on-line forums, I’ve detected heaps of individuals complain that Skype was the reason behind the disk usage spike. Therefore attempt uninstalling Skype and see if that works.

Method three – Upgrade Memory (RAM):
Another factor you would like to ascertain is to check what proportion RAM you’ve got put in on your machine. Since Windows ten will run on older devices, I’ve seen heaps of individuals install it on previous desktops and laptops. This is often fine, however you would like to create certain the machine encompasses a tight quantity of RAM, which means nothing but four GB.

You can conjointly open Task Manager and click on Performance then click on Memory.


As you’ll be able to see, I actually have sixteen GB of memory and regarding half-dozen GB is in use. This suggests if you’ve got four GB of RAM on your pc, all the memory would be exhausted. Everything that can’t be match into memory is paged to the disk. Therefore essentially Windows can use your disk as a brief storage device.

If you’ve got heaps of knowledge that needs to be written to disk, it’ll cause your disk usage to spike and your pc to impede. If you notice that the road during this graph is near to the highest, then it means that you most likely got to upgrade the RAM on the pc.

Method 4 – Use High Performance Power arrange:
With some computers, the arduous drives square measure good and can attempt to power down or amendment rev to avoid wasting power. One example is that the green/blue Western Digital arduous drives. It looks like a good feature, however I don’t assume it extremely works all the well in apply.


To avoid this downside, move to Power choices and choose the High Performance power arrange. additionally, click on amendment arrange settings then expand shut down disk once and set the minutes to zero.


This will make sure that the disk doesn’t power down or move into the low power state, which might cause the disk usage downside.

Method 5 – Disable MSI Mode:
This resolution is a lot of obscure and possibly won’t facilitate the majority, however it’s value mentioning as a result of Microsoft has specifically explicit that this is often a problem in Windows ten. Basically, it’s one thing to try and do with AHCI, that is technical jargon you don’t got to apprehend.

When you have this issue, Disk Usage can show 100%, however once you kind the column, there isn’t any specific program or method that’s showing high disk usage. You’ll be able to browse the Microsoft kilobyte article here and try the fix.


Method 6 – Disable Windows Defender with third Party Ab:
By default, Windows Defender ought to disable itself if you’ve got third-party anti-virus put in on your system. However, in some instances, this doesn’t happen and running 2 anti-virus programs at a similar time will cause excessive disk usages and a bunch of different issues.

To check if Windows Defender is disabled or not, click on begin, then Settings, Update & Security then Windows Defender. check that time period protection and Cloud-based Protection square measure turned Off.


Again, you ought to solely do that if you’ve got third-party anti-virus put in on your system.

Method 7 – Disable Windows Notifications:
This resolution has been cosmopolitan on the web, however I’m undecided whether or not it extremely works or not. I feel it will sure enough versions of Windows ten. Anyway, it doesn’t extremely hurt to disable it; therefore that’s why I’m attending to mention it.

Basically, you disable further Windows notifications that square measure essentially advertisements. Move to Settings, then click on System, then Notifications and Actions. Merely shut down the Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you employ Windows.


It’s value noting that everyone your traditional notifications can work simply fine, you only won’t see any useless ones from Microsoft.

Method 8 – Check disk for Errors:
If nothing on top of is functioning, then you may even have a retardant together with your disc drive. There square measure many ways that to ascertain the health of your disc drive, that I’ve written regarding before.

Check Disk and System Files

Check disc drive for Errors

In several instances, repairing errors on the drive fastened the matter. In different instances, replacement the drive was necessary.

Hopefully, one amongst the on top of solutions can work for you. One expedient choice is to perform a clean install of Windows ten, which is able to fix the matter for anyone UN agency happens to own malware put in on their systems and perhaps don’t are aware of it. If you’ve got any queries, be at liberty to comment. Enjoy!


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