This article applies to all or any Horizon clients for Windows, together with five.4.

  • Change Log
  • Windows ten Support
  • Install –shopper Manual
  • Install –shopper Silent
  • Launch shopper
  • Shortcuts and Favorites
  • Support info
  • Certificate Validation
  • Client Device Redirection
  • Client Drive Redirection
  • \Serial Port Redirection
  • Scanner Redirection
  • Scanner Redirection Caveats
  • Client Printers
  • File kind Association
  • Session Collaboration
  • Performance hunter
  • HTML Blast
  • Thin shoppers
  • Repurposed PCs

shopper government agency – Security Settings
= Recently Updated

Windows 10 Support:

  • Windows ten 1909 is supported with shopper five.3 and newer

  • Windows ten 1803 is supported with shopper four.8 and newer

Manual Installation of Horizon shopper:
The shoppers may be downloaded from

Horizon shopper five.4 resolves one or two security vulnerabilities.

4. If you’re redirected to the _clients/5_0, then realize the VMware shopper for Windows, and click on visit Downloads.

5. Then Click Download.

6. On the client machine, run the downloaded VMware-Horizon-Client-5.4.0.exe

If you wish to use the uniform resource locator Content Redirection feature in seven, run the installer with the subsequent switch: /v URL_FILTERING_ENABLED=1

7. In the Install VMware shopper page, click Agree & Install. Otherwise you will click customize Installation.

a. If you chose customize Installation, you’ll be able to enter a Default affiliation server, install Skype Pack, groups improvement, etc.
b. Click Agree & Install once done.

8. In the Success page, click end.

9. Click Restart currently once prompted to restart.

Verify uniform resource locator Redirection:
1. To verify that uniform resource locator Content Redirection is put in, verify the presence of the file C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware read Client\vmware-url-protocol-launch-helper.exe.

2. There’s conjointly a replacement i.e. add-on.

3. URL Content Redirection is organized victimization cluster policy.

Software Updates:
1. Horizon client four.1 and newer has a web update feature which will be enabled victimization cluster policy

2. Install the government agency templates if you haven’t already.

3. Create or edit a government agency that’s joined to associate degree OU containing the shopper machines. These area unit the end-user PCs, not the virtual desktops.
4. Go to laptop Configuration | Policies | body Templates | VMware shopper Configuration | change  shopper on-line update. It’s disabled by default.

5. Once the government agency setting is enabled, within the  shopper, click the hamburger icon on the highest right, and click on software package Updates.

Install –shopper Silent:
Installing shopper From the instruction at VMware Docs has directions on the way to install the shopper taciturnly. Common strategies for putting in the shopper taciturnly include: SCCM and Active Directory cluster Policy laptop Startup Script.

Launch Horizons slient:
To launch a read Desktop or application manually:

1. From the beginning Menu run VMware shopper.

a. Shopper four.7 and newer features a government agency setting to forestall the shopper from being launched multiple times.

b. Install the government agency templates if you haven’t already.

c. Create or edit a government agency that’s joined to associate degree OU containing the shopper machines. These area unit the end-user PCs, not the virtual desktops.

d. The Block multiple shopper instances per Windows session setting is at laptop Configuration | Policies | body Templates | VMware shopper Configuration.

2. To change SSL certificate verification, open the choices (hamburger) menu, and click on set up SSL. This is often conjointly configurable victimization cluster Policy as careful at Certificate Validation below.

3. If there’s no server within the list, then use the New Server button on the highest left or click Add Server.

4. Enter the load balanced FQDN for the affiliation Server.

5. You can click the choices menu to cover the selector when launching associate degree item.

6. If you wish to perform pass-through authentication, click the hamburger icon, and choose Log in as current user. this feature is merely offered if elite throughout installation, the shopper machine was rebooted, and isn’t prohibited victimization cluster policy.

7. Horizon 7.2 and newer has algorithmic Unlock that is enabled by default. See victimization the Log In as Current User Feature offered with Windows-Based shopper at VMware Docs.

8. If you have got apps printed to associate degree Unauthenticated User, click the hamburger icon, and choose Log in anonymously victimization Unauthenticated Access.

9. Before connecting to the server, click the hamburger icon, and so click set up VMware Blast.

In Horizon shopper four.8 and newer, network condition is set mechanically and not configurable within the shopper.
a. If your shopper is older than four.8, then modify the network condition and click on OK. This affects communications protocol vs UDP for Blast property. glorious = communications protocol solely. Typical = UDP if the ports area unit open. Poor = UDP and packet duplication, that is best for 2 hundredth packet loss networks. A lot of information within the Technical report Blast Extreme show Protocol In Horizon seven.

11. You can optionally change permit High Color Accuracy.

12. Horizon shopper five.2 associate degreed newer have and choice to permit Blast connections to use package proxy settings that is deselected by default. You’ll be able to set up a client-side cluster policy to change proxy. Or users will manually change it.

13. Double-click the server.

14. If the certificate isn’t trusty, click Show Certificate, and so click Continue. To disable this prompt, see Certificate Validation below.

15. Enter your username and secret, and so click Login.

16. Horizon 7.8 not sends the domain list by default however you’ll be able to change it in Horizon Administrator. Or, instruct users to login victimization their userPrincipal Names.

17. If you see too several domains within the Domain list:
a.You can filter them by running the vdmadmin -N command. See Configuring Domain Filters victimization the ‑N choice at VMware Docs.

b. Horizon 7.1 associate degreed newer have an choice to Hide domain list in shopper computer programme. If you change this in international Settings, then users should enter UPN, or Domain\Username.

18. If any of your printed applications or desktops area unit organized with a class Folder, click affirmative once asked for shortcuts to look in your begin Menu or desktop.

Horizon shopper five.1 has a remarkable instruction switch -installShortcutsThenQuit that connects to a affiliation Server, creates the shortcuts on begin Menu and Desktop, and so equal. Here is sample syntax:
vmware-view.exe -serverURL serverurl -loginAsCurrentUser true -installShortcutsThenQuit

19. If any of your printed application icons have Pre-launch enabled, then a session are going to be started on one in all the Horizon Agents that hosts the icon. All it will is produce a session; the icon that Pre-launch was enabled on isn’t launched till the user double-clicks the icon. once the user launches any icon printed from the Horizon Agent, it’ll launch quickly.
a. After the user closes the Horizon shopper, the Pre-launch session remains disconnected for the length per the RDS Farm.

20. If you have got a bunch of icons, click one in all the icons, and so begin typewriting within the name of the icon and it’ll highlighted

21. If the pool settings permit it, you’ll be able to right-click associate degree icon, click Settings, and so choose a protocol. VMware Blast is that the suggested protocol.

If you click the gear icon on the highest right…

b. On the VMware Blast page, you’ll be able to optionally change High Color Accuracy and/or Proxy.

Horizon shopper 5.2 and newer allow you to synchronize num lock and cap lock standing.
a. Right-click a desktop icon and click on Settings.

   b. Check the box next to mechanically synchronize the data input device, scroll, and cap lock keys.

c. You can conjointly mechanically change this setting by configuring a client-side cluster policy setting.

23. Either double-click associate degree icon, or right-click associate degree icon, and click on Launch.

24. When connecting, you would possibly be prompted to access your native files.

You can modification your file sharing choices by clicking the gear icon and shift to the Sharing page.

25. If you’re connected to an overseas desktop, you’ll be able to use the menu at the highest of the screen. a remarkable choice is Autoconnect to the current Desktop. This setting is hold on on the Horizon affiliation Server in LDAP and there doesn’t seem to be any thanks to automatize enabling it.

26. In Horizon shopper four.4 and newer, directors will change a Pool Setting that enables users to Restart the remote desktop graciously.

27. Horizon Agent seven.11 with Horizon shopper five.3 will show the client’s battery standing within the remote desktop. The user can have click the up arrow within the system receptacle to examine the battery icon. The battery icon is shown in each single-user Virtual Desktops and multi-user RDS Desktops.

28. Horizon shopper five.2 and newer have client-side cluster policy settings to outline a hotkey combination for grabbing and cathartic input focus.

29. The Horizon shopper conjointly features a taskbar jump list showing recently launched applications and desktops.

30. Some of the menu things in Horizon shopper five.0 and newer may be hidden by configuring cluster Policy victimization the Horizon government agency Templates.

Tom Fenton the way to verify Your Horizon read Desktop Protocol: read Administrator > Sessions node, netstat, and register

VMware Fling read Auto-Connection Utility: The read Auto-Connection Utility permits you to attach the VMware read shopper mechanically into a read desktop or associate degree application pool once the system starts up.

Shortcuts and Favorites:
In the Horizon shopper, once you’re connected to a server, you’ll be able to right-click associate degree icon and click on produce cutoff to Desktop or raise begin Menu.

In the Horizon shopper, you’ll be able to right-click associate degree icon, and Mark as Favorite. Favorites area unit hold on within the LDAP info on the Horizon affiliation Server.

1. This places a star icon on the top-right of the appliance or desktop.

2. On the highest right of the Horizon shopper, you’ll be able to switch to the Favorites read in order that solely icons elite as Favorites area unit displayed.

3. Or switch back to the All read.

Support info:
On the punctuation menu is Support info.

Users will click this to seek out the shopper name, shopper package, Horizon shopper version, the Horizon affiliation Server name, and presently connected desktops.

Certificate Validation:
When you hook up with a Horizon affiliation Server, and if the certificate isn’t trusty or valid, then the user is prompted to simply accept the certificate. you’ll be able to disable this prompt for any shopper machine which will be controlled victimization cluster policy.

1. Copy the Horizon .admx files to PolicyDefinitions if you haven’t already.
2. Create a government agency that’s joined to associate degree OU containing the 3. Horizon shopper machines. These area unit the end-user PCs, not the virtual desktops.
4. Edit the government agency.
Go to laptop Configuration | Policies | body Templates | VMware Horizon shopper Configuration | Scripting Definitions.
5. On the proper, double-click Server uniform resource locator.

6. Set the uniform resource locator to your Horizon read uniform resource locator, and click on OK.

7. On the left, click Security Settings. On the proper, open the setting Certificate verification mode.

8. Enable the setting and create your alternative. No Security can disable the certificate prompt. Then click OK.

Device Redirection:

Client Drive Redirection
When you hook up with a Horizon Agent that has shopper Drive Redirection enabled, you’re prompted to permit file redirection.

By default, solely the user’s native profile is redirected.

You can direct a lot of folders or drives by clicking the choices menu, and clicking Share Folders.

In the Sharing tab, add drives or folders, and so click OK.

The folders or drives you additional area unit currently visible among mortal within the Horizon Desktop.

Client Drive Redirection conjointly works in printed applications.

Horizon Agent seven.7 and newer with Horizon shopper four.10 and newer allow you to drag files from the native machine into the remote machine. this is often drag solely. You can’t copy/paste. If you drag the file onto an overseas application, then then application opens the file.

This feature may be disabled and/or controlled during a government agency that applies to the Horizon Agent. confirm the Horizon seven.7 government agency templates area unit put in. within the laptop 1/2 the government agency, visit body Templates > VMware Blast and edit the setting set up drag and drop direction.

The set up drag and drop direction setting is additionally configurable for PCoIP underneath the Computer-half node named PCoIP Session Variables > Overridable body Defaults.

To change shopper Drive Redirection settings in printed applications, return to the Horizon shopper, right-click associate degree icon, and click on Settings. Or use the gear icon on the highest right.

The shopper drive redirection prompt configuration is hold on in %appdata%\VMware\VMware Horizon read Client\prefs.txt. you’ll be able to edit this file to disable the prompt. See, Customizing the VMware Horizon shopper sharing pop-up for a lot of information.

Horizon 7.10 and newer have some government agency settings for shopper Drive Redirection that permit you management drive letters for shopper drives within the remote session. Install the Horizon seven.10 or newer government agency Templates if you haven’t already. Edit a government agency that applies to the Horizon Agents. Then realize the settings underneath VMware read Agent Configuration > VMware Horizon shopper Drive Redirection.

Serial Port Redirection:
If you hook up with a Horizon Agent that has interface Redirection enabled, then a replacement icon can seem within the system receptacle.

Right-click the icon to map the remote COM port to the native COM port.

Scanner Redirection:
From VMware Blogs Scanner Redirection in Horizon with read: we’ve additional scanner redirection to Horizon with View to be used with each VDI desktops and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) applications and desktops. The new scanner redirection practicality visible works by capturing the complete image at the shopper with the scanning device, compression the image, and causation that compressed image to the guest within the information center, wherever the image is conferred by a “virtual scanner device” to the appliance that requested the image capture. The scanner redirection practicality supports each duet and WIA scanning modes, and permits pictures to be captured from each scanners and different imaging devices (such as webcams).

The scanner redirection practicality needs the Horizon Agent version six.0.2 or later, and therefore the Windows Horizon shopper three.2 or later.

When you install the Horizon Agent part, make sure to pick out the scanner redirection features if you wish to use it; it’s disabled by default. If you’re putting in the feature onto a server-based OS (Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2) for either VDI desktops or RDSH desktops or applications, then make sure that the Desktop expertise feature (a Microsoft package feature) is put in on the server OS 1st. (This could be a necessity for putting in scanners during a server-based OS.)

After a user makes a affiliation from a compatible Windows Horizon shopper to the new Horizon Agent, a replacement tool-tray application icon seems. The user clicks the icon to reveal the compatible image acquisition devices offered for scanning.

The default mode of operation is, however, that “it ought to simply work,” and therefore the seamless hosted application ought to be ready to acquire a picture without having manual intervention. The user may have to regulate the preferences if quite one imaging device is connected to the shopper machine, and therefore the user needs to pick out a particular scanner, or if the user needs to regulate the scan resolution, and so on.

Scanner Redirection Preferences, offered by clicking Preferences from the tool-tray icon, permits more configuration of the scanning method, as an example, adjusting the default compression applied to the scanning. This may greatly cut back the information measure required to transmit the image (the compression is applied on the shopper aspect before the image is transmitted to the guest), but, of course, the lot of a picture is compressed, the lower the image quality. Additionally, within the Scanner Redirection Preferences, choices area unit offered to regulate the default image capture device (for example, automatic mode, last-used or associate degree absolute specific device).

These preferences may be adjusted by manner of cluster Policy choices within the guest OS. A replacement government agency file (available within the Horizon with read government agency Bundle) permits this configuration. See Configuring Scanner Redirection in putting in Desktop and Application Pools visible for a lot of info

Scanner Redirection Caveats:
From VMware Communities:

  • Scanner redirection doesn’t produce a tool on your virtual desktop that matches the name of the particular scanner. It creates a generic scanner in Device Manager known as VMWare Virtual WIA Scanner (or VMWare Virtual duet Scanner I’m assuming). For U.S. this stinks as a result of the image capture software package our shopper uses (Vertex by Jack Henry), features a prepopulated list of scanners you’ll be able to choose. Thus if we have a tendency to introduce a Canon-CR50 and choose Canon CR50/80 within the application, it doesn’t acknowledge that this scanner is hooked up to the virtual desktop.
  • There is a tick box choice within the scanner preferences window titled “Use vender outlined names for duet scanners”. This could solve the difficulty you mention and that we additional it specifically to hide the problematic use case you mention.
  • This solely applies to duet scans; WIA can’t use the seller name.
  • You must install a duet or WIA driver on your skinny shopper. If you can’t realize a duet or WIA driver, you’re out of luck. For teller check image scanners, we’ve found no duet or WIA drivers for the Teller Scan TS-230, TS-240, or the Canon CR-55. We’ve found a duet driver for the Canon CR-50 (from the Canon Europe website no less), however issue #1 on top of suggests that we have a tendency to area unit out of luck.

Client Printers:
Horizon 7.7 and newer with Horizon shopper four.10 and newer have a replacement VMware Integrated Printing (aka VMware Advanced Printing) feature that replaces the older Thin Print technology.

When printing from associate degree application, if you highlight a printer and click on Preferences, the VMware Horizon icon on the Layout tab shows you that this printer is victimization VMware Integrated Printing.

If you open the shopper printer Properties as associate degree administrator, on the advanced tab, you may see the VMware Universal electrical phenomenon Driver.

If older Thin Print:

Inside the virtual desktop, if you visit Devices and Printers, it’ll look a bit weird. to examine all of the shopper printers, right-click on the TP printer and use the expandable menus.

But after you print from associate degree application, all printers seem commonly.

File kind Association:
Some printed applications might need file varieties related to them. After you double-click a file with the organized extension, you would possibly be prompted to open the file victimization the remote application.

In Horizon shopper, if you right-click associate degree icon and click on Settings:

On the Sharing page, you’ll be able to disable this practicality

It’s conjointly configurable within the client-side register at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDM\Client by making a String worth at named Allow File Redirection and setting it to false. See VMware Communities for a lot of info.


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