Update Rollup failed with Error “Exchange Update ended prematurely”

Today, I considered updating the rollup in my Test Lab; but, as I was updating, I encountered an issue.

“Error: The Exchange Update Rollup process has terminated prematurely.”

The Update Rollup Setup Wizard fails with the error “terminated prematurely”. This has been the case for both Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010.

The installation fails to provide the following information:

Due to an error, the Setup Wizard for Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 (KB2961522) terminated prematurely. Your system has not been altered in any way. Please re-run the installation if you wish to install this programme at a later date.

Additionally, the screen dump below illustrates how errors appear:

The reason for the issue and the Update Rollup installer being “terminated prematurely” is that the server is configured with User Access Control (UAC). Disabling the UAC is not recommended for good reason.

Additionally, the problem is recorded in the event log as Event ID: 1024 with the error code 1603.

The Procedure for Installing This Update Rollup

The recommended method for installing Update Rollups on the server is to use an elevated command prompt (Open a CMD with Run As Administrator), to ensure that the Update Rollup is located on the server’s local drive, and to start the installation using the following command:


For instance, msiexec/update UPDATING. MSP FILE >

How to Begin the Wizard of Setup:

Exchange2010-KB2961522-x64-en.msp msiexec/update

Installing the Update Add the following argument (/quiet) to the rollup unattended mode (silent):

msiexec/update Exchange2010-KB2961522-x64-en.msp/quiet msiexec/update Exchange2010-KB2961522-x64-en.msp

As an elevated command prompt, use the following to initiate the Update Rollup installer:

This will launch the Setup Wizard, and you can now navigate through the installer to complete the installation of the Update Rollup. Once complete, you should see the following:

This way, the Update Rollup was installed successfully and without issues.

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