Vcenter 6.5: Cannot complete process due to simultaneous alteration by another process


We have few ESXI machines managed by Vcenter (all have same half dozen.5 version). These days once we tried to upgrade compatibility on one vm guest mistreatment Vcenter, it gave following error.

Cannot complete operation because of coincident modification by another operation

After some troubleshooting, it came to my data that there was a unfinished exposure created by Veeam B&R software package, that was inflicting the difficulty. When removal of this exposure, the compatibility upgraded worked fine, & later we have a tendency to stirred this VM from one esxi to a different dueto resource strains.


In each other encounter, whenever we have a tendency to tried to edit the guest VM setting, it gave error “Invalid configuration for device ‘1’.” , for this explicit case we have a tendency to merely take away the affected guest VM from the inventory & re-added it and also the drawback got solve.

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