How to Solve Invalid MAC address specified. MAC is not an allowed static Ethernet address

VMware ESXi does allow only MAC Addresses the Range between 00:50:56:00:00:00 to 00:50:56:3f:ff:ff. We can configure a static MAC instead of a range but can’t run the virtual machine after this. we will face an error message is mentioned below:… Continue Reading


MS Exchange 2016 hub transport Mail.que file large in size

How to decrease the size of MS Exchange 2016/2013 hub transport Mail.que when large in size It might be three Causes: It might be below three Causes: 1) Third-party antispam/antivirus if installed on MS Exchange Server performing on the queue… Continue Reading


How to Use a Pen Tablet (Wacom) With Microsoft Office

You will need these; Wacom tablet Wacom pen Wacom tablet Driver and Application Using a Pen Wacom tablet in Microsoft Office is very useful if you want to make notes, Assignments, or projects. How to use it? Let Starts; To… Continue Reading