How to Disable su Access for sudo Users

The su command could be a extraordinary Linux command that permits you to run a command as another client and gather. It moreover permits you to switch to the root account (in the event that run without any contentions) or another indicated client account. All clients by default are permitted to get to the su command. But as a framework chairman, you’ll be able impair su get to for… Continue Reading


How to Solve Invalid MAC address specified. MAC is not an allowed static Ethernet address

VMware ESXi does allow only MAC Addresses the Range between 00:50:56:00:00:00 to 00:50:56:3f:ff:ff. We can configure a static MAC instead of a range but can’t run the virtual machine after this. we will face an error message is mentioned below:… Continue Reading


MS Exchange 2016 hub transport Mail.que file large in size

How to decrease the size of MS Exchange 2016/2013 hub transport Mail.que when large in size It might be three Causes: It might be below three Causes: 1) Third-party antispam/antivirus if installed on MS Exchange Server performing on the queue… Continue Reading


How to Use a Pen Tablet (Wacom) With Microsoft Office

You will need these; Wacom tablet Wacom pen Wacom tablet Driver and Application Using a Pen Wacom tablet in Microsoft Office is very useful if you want to make notes, Assignments, or projects. How to use it? Let Starts; To… Continue Reading