Non Payment Reminder for PPPoE/HOTSPOT Customers in Mikrotik

Another series for user manager base setup https://aacable.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/automating-non-payment-reminder-for-user-manager-expired-accounts/ Following may be a tiny however to (written for the asking of a friend) on how you’ll send nonpayment / expired pppoe users to a page wherever he may be hip that his/her account are suspended thanks to nonpayment. During this guide I used PPPoE server solely, however you’ll apply this theory to HOTSPOT or alternative services additionally. Remember, ways will vary, however the logic… Continue Reading


Event ID 7000 The Analytic Service Host facility failed to start

The Diagnostic Service Host service didn’t begin thanks to the subsequent error: A privilege that the service needs to perform properly doesn’t exist within the service account configuration.  You will use the Services Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in (services. MSc) and therefore the native Security Settings MMC snap-in (secpol.msc) to look at the service configuration and therefore the account configuration. Today… Continue Reading


VMware ESXI Upgrade Path Notes

upgrades and a few network connected rack replacement. We tend to were running few VMware esxi five.0 servers alongside vcenter five.0. To upgrade all servers with six.5, we tend to follows below path. Added new six.5v Vcenter * recommended* [OR upgrade existing five’s Vcenter to six.5 VC] Now Upgrade every esxi server to five.5 one by one Now Upgrade every esxi… Continue Reading


Virtualization: 3 in 1 > usage of Mikrotik + Squid Proxy + Radius on lone mechanism to save possessions

Its an honest plan to virtualize numerous servers thus underutilized hardware is used a lot of expeditiously, as currently a days, obtaining sensible hardware isn’t an enormous deal. It will save goodish quantity of power consumption , reduced heat issue , simple to animal disease multiple VM victimization numerous tools like Vcenter / VEEAM (my favorite), VM adventurer , live migrations from one Virtual Server to a different, Backup & Restore becomes terribly simple and also the list goes on… Continue Reading


You cannot custom the vSphere customer to manage the situations of virtual machineries of variety 10 or higher

Few days back, At remote location, once I born-again a physical UNIX machine into virtual machine (based on ESXI five.5, machine ver 10) I received following error once tried to edit its properties to feature new interface card. Editing virtual machine settings fails with the error: you cannot use the vSphere consumer to edit… Continue Reading


Veeam Holdup & Repetition Deployment for Virtual Servers/Guests for High Obtainability

At my workplace, I actually have multiple ESXi VM Servers with many guests hosted. I’m exploitation VEEAM B&R software package for backup & replication. I actually have created Replicas of all my primary servers to DR website on secondary reproduction server exploitation Veeam. I actually have hen scheduled replication to run Daily in night. Whenever any disaster happens either at server hardware level or… Continue Reading


Veeam B&R 9.5 Update 3 Error: This Veeam Backup & Replication connection cannot be restructured repeatedly

Recently once we tried to use veeam B&R update three, we tend to encountered following error This Veeam Backup & Replication installation cannot be updated mechanically. Please contact Veeam client support for help with manual update. After some investigation it found that it will occur due to either you’re running trial or if you have got drawback with the license files. thus as… Continue Reading


Vcenter 6.5: Cannot complete process due to simultaneous alteration by another process

Case#1 We have few ESXI machines managed by Vcenter (all have same half dozen.5 version). These days once we tried to upgrade compatibility on one vm guest mistreatment Vcenter, it gave following error. Cannot complete operation because of coincident modification by another operation After some troubleshooting, it came to… Continue Reading