Explained : How to transform MAC address of VM hosted in VM-Workstation

Manually distribution a Macintosh Address For VM

To make positive that an equivalent Macintosh address is allotted to a given virtual machine each time, notwithstanding the virtual machine is stirred, you’ll assign the address manually rather than permitting VMware digital computer to assign it mechanically. To assign an equivalent, distinctive Macintosh address to any virtual machine manually, use a text editor to get rid of 3 lines from the configuration file and add 2 lines. The configuration file contains a .vmx extension at the top of the file name.

To change Macintosh address of any virtual machine running beneath VM digital computer, Follow the below . . .

1- check that that the target VM is turned off.
2- Browse to folder wherever your VM is offered. for instance

3- currently open VMX come in pad , the name would be one thing like machine_name.VMX

4- take away the 3 lines from the configuration file that begin with:


[Note: modification the ethernet0 to match your’s]

Now Add a replacement static macintosh address line to the configuration file with facilitate of the subsequent entries:

= "static"
ethernet0.address =

5- Currently Save the configuration file. & begin the VM

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