How to solve ESXI 5.5 stationary mac address “conflicts with VMware kept MACs”

You may see on top of error in ESXI 5.5 once ever-changing dynamically generated waterproof address to STATIC waterproof address due to application waterproof bind restriction.

In new ESXI 5.5, new policies are added wherever the statically allotted waterproof addresses will solely be within the vary 00:50:56:xx:xx:xx series, If you are trying to vary it to one thing else then power on the guest machine, you’ll see on top of error.

A few days before, an acquaintance of mine upgraded his ESXI from ver 5.0 to 5.5. one in all his guest application was bound with the waterproof address, and also the new ESXi 5.5 doesn’t permit to use of that specific series waterproof address. therefore I googled and located the following resolution that worked (at least on my behalf of me 😉

To RESOLVE this issue, follow this.

1- Modify SSH in ESXI Server Configuration

2- close up the target guest waterproofing and alter the mac address as per your needs for the specified interface.

3- Close up the V-Sphere ESXI consumer.

3- Login to ESXi server via SSH victimization any ssh consumer-like PUTTY

4- Goto your knowledge store/guest machine folder and open the VMX file.

For example I even have guest machine with ‘123‘ name. therefore I used following

~ # cd /vmfs/volumes/
/vmfs/volumes # ls

52a18cdd-49376389-86aa-000c29d1de32 61031d71-0233e8da-be74-f942274c16c3
52a18ce5-9d0863e6-e50b-000c29d1de32 8901537a-ad66db83-fd1f-38ac926cce01
52a18ce7-bd9d6e2a-dacf-000c29d1de32 datastore1
/vmfs/volumes #

/vmfs/volumes # cd datastore1/
/vmfs/volumes/52a18ce5-9d0863e6-e50b-000c29d1de32 # ls

/vmfs/volumes/52a18ce5-9d0863e6-e50b-000c29d1de32 # cd 123
/vmfs/volumes/52a18ce5-9d0863e6-e50b-000c29d1de32/123 # ls

123-flat.vmdk                             vmware-14.log
123.nvram                                  123.vmxf                       vmware-15.log
123.vmdk                                    vmware-11.log              vmware-16.log
123.vmsd                                    vmware-12.log              vmware.log
123.vmx                                      vmware-13.log

As showed within the image below .

Now open the VMX file of the guest machine.

for example

vi 123.vmx

now press I and add this line anyplace.

ethernet0.checkMACAddress = “false” (Change the LAN0 to match your native ethernet number)

Now save and exit it by pressing :wq

Now begin V-Sphere ESXI consumer and begin the machine as you ordinarily do 🙂

Congrats you’re UP with new waterproof address activated 😀

SAMPLE .VMX FILE FOR STATIC waterproof address:

Following is associate sample of operating .vmx file for static waterproof address.

ethernet0.networkName = "LAN"
ethernet0.addressType = "static"
ethernet0.present = "TRUE"
ethernet0.checkMACAddress = "false"
ethernet0.address =

Thank you 🙂

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