Cannot Manage Remote Desktop Servers. The servers must be added to the server pool


You encounter the following problem while attempting to manage an RDS farm: ‘the following servers in this deployment are not members of the server pool: Servers must be added to the pool of servers.


To resolve this, I re-added the server to the server pool using the instructions below.

1. Launch the Server Manager

Start Server Manager on the Windows desktop by clicking the Server Manager icon on the Windows taskbar.

2. Next, choose Add Servers from the Manage menu.

 3. Then choose one of the following options.

Select servers that are members of the current domain on the Active Directory tab. While selecting several servers, hold down the Ctrl key. To add selected servers to the selected list, click the right-arrow button.

Enter the host name or IP address in the DNS tab and then press Enter or click Search. Choose the servers you wish to add.

4. Once all servers have been added, click OK.

When you reopen the server manager, you will notice that you can completely manage your RDS system.

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