Remote Desktop Authentication Error Has Occurred. The function requested is not supported Error Fix in Windows 10

In the United Arab Emirates, I’ve had numerous instances of Remote Desktop connections failing. When our clients tried to remote into machines they had previously connected to successfully for a long time, they received error messages like this, so I… Continue Reading


How to use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

Dynamic lock:             Window 10 creator update                                     Dynamic Lock locks your Windows PC on its own when you’re not active based on the proximity of a Bluetooth-paired mobile. (It may connect with other devices, but the main focus is phone-only on the moment. You’re lucky… Continue Reading


How to troubleshoot and fix Windows 10 blue screen errors ( Part 3 )

How to fix blue screen issues while not desktop access on Windows 10: Although once you see a Blue Screen of Death error, typically, you’ll be able to restart your device to continue victimization the device. Different times, you’ll not be ready to access the desktop to troubleshoot and fix the matter. If you are unable to access the… Continue Reading


11 Solutions for What Should You Do If Windows 10 Freezes Accidentally?

Summary: Windows ten freezes arbitrarily Windows ten freezes arbitrarily on startup/login or maybe when a Windows update? Not grasp what to do? Here area unit the most effective eleven fixes to Windows ten pc keeps cooling arbitrarily from MiniTool answer. Go and have a strive. Quick Navigation: Symptoms Workaround #1: liberate additional space Workaround #2: Run System File Checker Workaround #3: Update All Device Drivers Workaround #4:… Continue Reading