How to enable auto shutdown for Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure

In a testing environment, It is an essential task to shut down Microsoft Azure automatically to save time and money. Until now we have to shut down or and deallocate the Azure automatically. Now there is a new feature called auto shutdown that provides free-of-cost best services. The Auto-shutdown feature can be easily enabled to use after the installation of VM.

If you are utilizing VM a lot, a Microsoft Azure Resource Manager template is the best way to go through. Enabling and configuring the auto-shutdown feature can make the ARM template easy to use.

Steps to follow

  1. Portal: Go to the Azure Portal

2. Select: Click on the virtual machine section in the Azure Portal, navigate the particular Virtual Machine.

3. Confirm: Scroll down through the options, choose the Auto-shutdown option.

    4.  Save: Click on the save button.

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